Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On Erin's Green Valleys

Today is St. Patrick’s day. La Fheile Padraig. My favourite mass day of the year. In mass terms, nothing beats St. Patricks day. A short mass followed by my favourite hymn of the year, Hail Gloria Saint Patrick (closely followed by the lesser known Queen of the May). Not sang as often as you would hope. Through an unfortunate sequence of events I haven’t made it to this mass in recent years. Two years ago I went along to mass on La Fheile Padraig and they weren’t singing the song because it was too near Easter. Poor excuse. Last year I accidently went to mass where they didn’t sing. Stupid mistake. And here I am March 17th missing it for the third year in a row. So this morning while lazily knowing I was missing mass I decided to youtube the song in the hope of getting the same effect. And I came across the video below, more baffling than its content is the fact that 61,000 people have watched it.