Thursday, May 27, 2010

Diary of a temp

The aforementioned move to london has been going swimmingly. I think this is appropriate phrasing because sometimes, depending on where you are swimming, when you're absolutely kicking like mad, you get nowhere. A woman called Corrine (who I accidently texted saying I hated her organisation, i digress) once said to me 'Sometimes London is going to kick you in the arse' and at times it has. So far, we have lived in 3 homes, two of which had leaks in the kitchen (unfortunately, one of those is now our permanent residence), been at the scene of one shooting and have seen Buckingham Palace a total of zero times.

I have been working as a temp in two different offices and it has been a mixed experience. The first place was lovely, the second was less so. I'm working as an assistant PA, which seems unlikely, but the role exists. If the boss is dismissive of the PA, you can only imagine how he treats the assistant, never mind the TEMPORARY assistant. To use the word dismissive would be gentle.

For the first while I spent all day filing, but now that all of the filing is done there is very little for me to do. So I have resorted to the internet. The funny thing is, I feel really bad for spending time on the internet and suspect that the level of browsing I do is frowned upon, yet I honestly do not know what else I could possibly do. When I think about it, it's sort of the dream job, I am always late in the mornings, always take that extra 5 mins for lunch and am ALWAYS packed and ready to leave by 5pm, but there is something really awful about an environment where nobody has any respect for you. I'm only doing this job for 2-3 weeks, but there is someone who does this and is treated this way all of the time and I don't know how they put up with it. On a more positive note, I'm starting my new job in less than a week!