Thursday, October 28, 2010

Great Eastern Street, Sunday 24th October

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I’m ordinarily not a big fan of autumn but this year I’ve sort of welcomed it, partly because I’ve had no choice with Westfield introducing their first Christmas tree before September was out. Anyways, I was enjoying an autumnal wander through the London Fields park near my house when I came across this lovely promotion that I thought tied (geddit?) in nicely with the leafy landscape of the park.
As you might be able to see from the pic the text says ‘THIS IS YOURS so take me home and have a listen’ and the little ‘leafs’, in pink and beige, were tied haphazardly along the railing on the outside of the park . On the back of the leaf there is an address for a free album download from ‘THE LONDON FIELDS’. I love this little promo and it's the sort of innovative fun campaign that I'd love to work on. I’ve still to download the album myself, (due to my dodgy internet connection and my reluctance to pay for the internet and to steal it instead from the chinese nextdoor)... but if you want to, you can get it from They even signed it off ‘kind regards’ which I thought was the funniest thing of all, very office-y to be throwing around in the park, don’t you think!
On that very same stroll I came across the sign below in one of the shop fronts in Bethnal. What the hell could it mean? All suggestions welcome!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Transport for London

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It took me four and a half hours to travel 13 miles on Monday. There was a tube strike and you know I don't know who's side I'm on, but I do think that London cannot cope without the tube and I can't cope living in London without the tube. I had the unfortunate experience of walking through central London on Monday evening and it was like a war zone. People were throwing themselves at buses in a fashion only matched by the clips I've seen of American women scrambling for cabbage patch dolls in the early 90s.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My knit in shining armour

I have been out of action for a long time which has been noted by my legions of followers. I have been busy holidaying in Ibiza and upskilling, developing my talent* for knitting. Thanks to my kind colleague Anna I've learned plain, pearl, casting on, casting off - the lot, with only a few dropped stitches along the way. I knit(ed) every single day to and from work on the tube for six weeks to meet my (self-imposed, far too tight) target of 24th September. I set that target because I was visiting my Mum for the weekend and I knew she'd finish it off much better than I could.

During the final two weeks, as my deadline loomed, I took it up a notch and was known to knit while in pubs, on the phone and even managed to stick my needles into Denise's checked-in luggage for our holiday.(she maintained a 'disgusted' face at any mention of the knitting). But, I did manage to turn this:
Into this:
and this:
In the pipeline I have a navy balaclava to match my camel winter coat that I have yet to buy, a tea cosy to go on our very unusual shaped tea pot and a surprise for sharon which I will reveal after I've made it otherwise it wouldn't be a surprise, now would it.

I've managed to find that pic we took in the belt shop, which gives a good view of the vast RANGE of bizarre stock they have as you'll see I'm holding up what I think might be a rather large belt for dogs...
* v loose attitude to the word talent.