Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In which I go back on my word...

Now I know I said I didn't really have anything to say about the bailout, but I actually do. I was reading about the proposed social welfare cuts in today's Irish Times and the story was supported by the pic below. I guess I think it's a bit difficult to see that that the finance minister is travelling to a meeting to discuss financial cuts for the most vulnerable people, the unemployed, in a chauffeured car. What poor messaging to be giving out, it goes against everything I was taught about image when studying.

I have really been hating Wagner in the X factor and most weeks I don't bother watching him, but I think the pic below is hilarious and I think he's going to be in the competition for a long time to come. According to the Daily Mail* he has been in the top half of the votes every week, and we all know that the Daily Mail is a top class publication.

*read 'bible'

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh holy God

This has been an action packed week.

Firstly, Old nibblers left the house for her fave spot in London, Clapham. Sure we were devo. So devo that Sharon texted her the day she left and asked if she wanted to come over for X factor and that she could stay the night, on the day she moved out.

Downfall of Ireland
Can I really not make reference to the Irish bailout this week? I came across this cartoon in the Irish Times which I liked. I don't really have anything else to say about it, though I welcome a general election but not the protesters at the Dail.

Downfall of me.
After a fun night out on Saturday, I managed to leave some possessions behind in the pub. There is something horrifically shameful and equally enjoyable about returning to the spot where you have spent the previous night. Firstly, it always looks completely different in day time. I remember the first time I saw the inside of Coppers in Dublin during the day time, it startled me how I had absolutely no perception of how it might look other than after midnight and in that case I was making an expedition for a similar purpose to my trip last Sunday. Though I have to say I did enjoy my trip to Dalston, partly because Sunday is the only day of the week where you might not be running around the place and you (I) might have a bit of time to have an amble. But also because it was one of those freezing, dry evenings that I love. After an unsuccessful trip to the pub (they had none of my stuff) I I got to take the east end line from Haggerston to Hoxton and let me tell you, it was a pleasure. I can only fantasise about what it would be like if they moved those wonderfully wide tubes onto the central line. I'd certainly have to stop complaining for a bit. Though I still have reason to complain, because one of the aforementioned possessions held a great many pics that I had intended on sharing with you in this here blog. One such example, is a story from the Evening Standard where a robber was trying to break into a house but he had to be rescued by an ambulance because his bottom was too big to fit in a window. That is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the gold I had. (depending on your attitude to the word gold)

Downfall of uk. Ok joking now!
The big engagement! Well obviously the most exciting news story of the week came in the form of the royal engagement! I have taken a keen interest in all media surrounding the event facilitated by working in a PR company, so I've seen my share of the supplements, though I have to say The Sunday Times really got my attention by featuring an article written by the infamous Andrew Morton. He first came to my attention when I read his biography of Victoria Beckham (yes, I did just admit that) and he has a reputation for being sensational, but he came out with some real jewels in the article. Here are two examples.

"Penny Thornton, Diana's astrologer, contact me when she saw the ring and said "The portents don't look so propitious with that".

"One presumes that he (William) is in love with Kate and not somebody else. Or one hopes".

Hilarious. They have also profiled what the couple will look like in 2035 and featured a really bad short article written by the former press secretary to the Princes who hasn't worked for them since 2003. Seven years ago. Pretty rubbish tabloid style reporting from what is ordinarily a good paper.

On a separate note, I'm hoping to be a proud owner of some memorabilia like below asap.

As if this week wasn't busy enough, there was a raid on the house across the road. Well actually I don't really know what happened, but there was at least 5 police cars and curiously, an ambulance, parked outside a block of apartments for a few hours and then at LEAST one sniffer dog, and I say at least because there may have been many many more, but I only saw the one. And the next day there was a load of plain clothes police men outside the apartment, but again, I have to be very straight and declare that they could very well have just been loiterers.

I also finished my balaclava, but I don't have a pic so it's going to have to wait, but let's just say that it finished beautifully and more than one person has made an IRA reference while I have been wearing it. Though I can't say I didn't egg them on.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Knit one, drop one. Lose one, purl one

My knitting career has really taken off and I'm now even doing commissioned work*. But as you'll see I've just finished my first tea cosy, I had a lot of trouble with the bobble on top, not as easy as you would think. I know the wool bears a striking resemblence to the wool used in my cushion. It's because I've the same wool, a very economical way of using up my stash. I wish I could put these two pics beside each other, but I can't. WHEN will I learn how to use blogspot properly??

*Bit of an exaggeration here, I'm knitting something for my brother, as a present.

Friday, November 5, 2010


I am a little ashamed to look back and my posts and see that I never gave an update on my growing plant collection. That is because all but one of them has died. Some would argue that the final one is dead too but I would not agree. In truth, plants have been and gone since that pic was taken. At the moment I have a bright pink fuschia and some chilli seeds (which are DEFINITELY dead) growing in our kitchen. When I was talking about my lack of success in work one day (with flowers that is) one of my colleagues Roberta decided to buy me a plant that is unkillable. She bought three crosuses (croci?) which have to be kept in a dark area for 12 weeks before being brought out into the light.
Although we have a watering schedule, there seems to be a little ambiguity surrounding the level of water required and what way the bulb should be put in correctly. Some members of the team have entirely immersed their bulbs in water, while others are only putting the tip of the bulb in water. Who is right? I don't know. The bulbs have also been taken into the light at least once a week, though I can't see any other way of watering them. If you have any crocus tips please let me know, for an unfallible plant there seems to be a lot of complications.

Monday, November 1, 2010

These are the people in my neighbourhood

My sister is moving house in London so I have taken to looking in every rental agent's window that I come across. Because of this, I have only lately noticed this gem, which is sitting in the top left hand corner of the shop front 3 doors down from my house. It's so far out of sight that it was difficult to get a good pic of it, but if you can't read it, it reads as follows:

"We are very sorry to hear the Grievance of the Landlords and tenants caused by the previous Occupants of 493 Cambrideg heath road, London E2 9BU.

We Room corner estate agents does not have any connections or association with any of the previous occupants.

We have informed the Metropolitan police about the threats made to our staffs. We will prosecute any abusive behaviour and violence towards our business."

I have a number of things to say about this:

1. What the hell did the previous tenants do?

2. Who do they think is going to read this sign, as I say, I struggled to read it and I was LOOKING for it

3. Do they honestly think that this sign will act as a deterent for anyone that wants to air their grievance? I sincerely doubt it.

I asked the only person that could possibly know - my finger-on-the-pulse landlord. Even he didn't know who was there before this tenant. I don't like to make empty promises... but I'm going to do my best to find out what went down.