Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I’m ordinarily not a big fan of autumn but this year I’ve sort of welcomed it, partly because I’ve had no choice with Westfield introducing their first Christmas tree before September was out. Anyways, I was enjoying an autumnal wander through the London Fields park near my house when I came across this lovely promotion that I thought tied (geddit?) in nicely with the leafy landscape of the park.
As you might be able to see from the pic the text says ‘THIS IS YOURS so take me home and have a listen’ and the little ‘leafs’, in pink and beige, were tied haphazardly along the railing on the outside of the park . On the back of the leaf there is an address for a free album download from ‘THE LONDON FIELDS’. I love this little promo and it's the sort of innovative fun campaign that I'd love to work on. I’ve still to download the album myself, (due to my dodgy internet connection and my reluctance to pay for the internet and to steal it instead from the chinese nextdoor)... but if you want to, you can get it from They even signed it off ‘kind regards’ which I thought was the funniest thing of all, very office-y to be throwing around in the park, don’t you think!
On that very same stroll I came across the sign below in one of the shop fronts in Bethnal. What the hell could it mean? All suggestions welcome!


  1. Please increase your font size. King regards, K.

  2. Please increase your updates and occurence of sentences with the word autumn and welcome in them.

    Kind of kind. more threatening.

  3. Anonymous, since you said it so kindly, I'll do my best though, often times, because of my lack of blogging experience, these things are out of my control.

    Summer Soverated, again, many thanks for the moderately menacing suggestion, I have come to expect nothing more from you.