Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My little blue girl!

I bought a mascara the other day, purely based on it's price (it was 1 pound). When I got home, I discovered that it was actually blue mascara. At first I was a little disappointed, but then I stuck it on over the black mascara I had been wearing and wasn't offended by the results. I'm thinking of wearing it again as it happens. Suddenly it feels like it's 1997 again.

On a separate, and sort of linked note, I did end up buying a black mascara from a 15 year old boy. He advised me about which one would suit my needs, going into such detail as to recommend one to me because it was waterproof. When I laughed, he was like 'what are ya laughin' about, I've been doin' this for free years innit'. I have been working on my accent and think I have perfected this sentence. I can also say 'I'm gonna go to Cargo' in aussie-speak thanks to my lovely room mate and her party-loving sister!

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