Saturday, June 26, 2010

Review of the Week!

This last week has been so much fun that I think I will detail each day as an homage to my favourite blogger Jennifer Alice in Wonderland!

Monday was my 25th birthday and I am a usual candidate for someone who would be depressed on her birthday but not so! I think it is because I have now given up a job that I hated and started one that I’m really enjoying, moved countries and basically think “omg, I love my life” at least twice a day. So I went into work on Monday morning with a song in my heart as me old pal Sharon would say and we had an amazing chocolate cake and I remembered that I am going to be about 15 stone very shortly. That evening a few of us went down to the newly discovered Victoria park and drank some Pimms and hung out. I must mention two things here:

  1. . Sharon and I have become obsessed with making and drinking Pimms. She won’t let me put strawberries in though which kills me.
  2. 2. We also drank some Bulmers, we haven’t lost touch with our knacker roots.

After going back to the house and having sausage sambos and other party foods our current house guest Aido returned back from a long day at Wimbledon. Aido is about 6 foot and performed a height test on our couch so that anyone planning on staying with us in future can rest assured they will fit. He did this test after saying he didn’t want to spend a second night in my bed because I ‘take over the bed’. This is not a surprise given that I have been single my whole life so he stayed down in the sitting room and everyone was happy!

I must mention here that I got an AMAZING birthday present from Shazbags. She got me a flight of the concords tshirt with ‘i’m not crying, it’s just been raining on my face’ on it and I absolutely LOVE IT (in London I have noticed people often say ‘loves it’ which in an ironic twist, I HATE!). I will take a pic of me wearing it because I love it that much, but possibly when I don’t have greasy hair and a massive spot. And anyone with a humorous chip in their body will think it’s hilarious.

I dusted off my old running shoes on Tuesday night and went off for a run in Victoria park. I haven’t run in about 3 months because I have developed excruciating sciatica. On a sciatica related aside: this is awful. I hope you never get it. One of the ways to get rid of it is to excercise, but you can’t exercise because it hurts too much. So it spirals into a vicious circle. I’m not writing any more, but if it EVER happens to you, you have my deepest sympathy. Actually empathy.

Wednesday was Wimbledon on the green in Canary Warf. We met a friend of Sharon’s and watched the longest tennis game in history. We had fun but I expect I might never voluntarily return to the ‘warf again. We caught up with our old friend Caroline on Thursday evening, she was in London for the day (v-young businesswoman!) and went for dinner and on the way home we got pic n mix and honestly, and this is entirely true, if I was never allowed eat a meal again, I’d be happy to just have pic n mix. I had only been saying about a week before that i hadn’t had a decent pic n mix for AGES and I certainly made up for it on Thursday night.

Now, you’d think I’d had a busy enough week already at this stage, wouldn’t you! Well no, off I went at 5.45 AM on a train to KENT for a conference with work. I don’t know why I put Kent in capitals there, because it’s not as if I’m saying ‘Kent, of all places’ since neither I, nor probably you, know where Kent is. Anyway, this was fine aside from the early start and the fact that after a few talks I had to sit through a live hernia operation. Now I knew this was going to happen, sure I sent out the press release. So I knew it was going to take place, I just never really thought about the fact that I would have to sit through it. I have never watched an episode of ER because I dislike blood that much so it was really not something I wanted to watch. But I did sit through an entire hernia operation, being filmed from within the very hospital I was sitting in. Now, in retrospect I am quite pleased that I did it, because I have a better understanding of the whole process but at the time it was not a very pleasant experience.

So when I finally got home on Friday evening, I went off to see the Dirty Projectors perform with Alarm Will Sound. We were going to see the Dirty Projectors, but they happened to be performing with a contemporary orchestra first, which I was really looking forward to. But we ended up watching the DP running a few songs that I didn’t know with some alternative off-beat syncopation and ill sounding harmonies. I think it was supposed to be appreciative music or some sort of bullshit term that I can’t be bothered thinking about. In fact, I just looked it up and the website claimed:

“its unsettling mix of jokes, high concept and existential urgency”.

I’ll leave it at that. But it did got to remind me of this piece of music I studied for my leaving cert which was absolutely awful and we had to study it for ‘form’ even though there clearly was none. If you watch nothing else today, please watch this. You’ll actually be doing yourself a favour.

Back to the Dirty Projectors. The whole time I was watching the musical equivalent of the Kerry Katona and Peter Andres alleged relationship I couldn’t help thinking about the poor 68 year old man sitting in the hospital recovering from his VERY INVASIVE hernia operation. I was thinking:

  • Is his wife with him. Does he have a wife? I hope so.
  • Is the surgeon going to visit him this evening? (in which case, I feel sorry for the surgeon because he’s still working, if he isn’t then I feel sorry for the man who is being neglected by his surgeon).

You know how sometimes you’re so involved in a situation and then you leave and you completely forget about it, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t keep going. A good example would be the Irish recession, which I now attempt to rarely think of (except when I have nothing to say to someone over here, it can be a good conversation starter) and another example would be the old hernia man. Back to the gig, once Alarm Will Ring left and we just had Dirty Projectors it was super and it reminded me how much I enjoy live music which I haven’t see in a while because I have been counting the pennies.

So then I got up this morning and went to the post office to collect a few parcels that I haven’t been around to collect during the week and I got some really thoughtful presents which really brightened up my day. BUT the most hilarious of all was the envelope of the card I got from my old mate Sinead. I have an old nickname which some people may be offended by, Cunt-Eye, chosen for its sheer hilarity and because it is the most offensive nickname she could think of (I think she did well!). I took a pic of the envelope. Which is pictured above, because I don't know how to make it appear below!

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  1. That catchy Danse Macabre riff aside, Raymond Deane did his best to ruin Leaving Cert Music. I questioned my whole existence the first time I heard that.