Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Neighbourhood watch

I’ve never actually been inside my favourite shop in our neighbourhood, which, as you can see from the pic above, is a belt shop. I’m fascinated by it for several reasons:
  1. You can’t go in unless you ring a doorbell. I know this happens in some very posh shops in North and West London, but it’s not that kind of area! It makes it all the more interesting to me!
  2. One would expect a specialised belt shop to have high quality merchandise, so you’d think brown and black leather belts. But this shop specialises in coloured neon and studded belts.
  3. The shop is not located in a clothing district, but just by itself amongst a plethora of restaurants.
  4. The very best thing is that it is supposed to be an exclusive belt shop, but Sharon said that she saw a belt in there (through the window, she hasn’t rang the bell yet either!) that she one time got on a dress and threw it out so basically the merchandise is not of high quality!
  5. I have never seen someone go in or out of the shop
  6. This BELT shop is so special it has it’s own car park as is demonstrated in the picture below. Now the only shops I know of that have their own car parks are supermarkets and furniture shops. Not a belt shop with no customers.
So I’m deeply suspicious. I’m also very disappointed because if the shutters weren’t down when I went to take the picture, you’d be able to see the multicoloured fiesta that is the window display. I was pissed off at the guy for stepping into my picture, so then I decided to use the one of him in it as revenge. Sure with the readership of this blog it’s as bad as posting it on the Daily Mail.

I ever do make it inside the doors of Rajan Leather Belt Company, you, dear readers, will be the first to hear about it.

As an aside, I went outside this evening and took a few pics of the shop and a few cyclists, as I walked away a fairly scary man came out of a take away across the road and asked me what I was taking pictures for. I acted shady, only because I was so scared of him, and told him I liked the sign and I lived in the area. Then I realised I was an idiot for telling him where I lived and I legged it home, looking behind me the whole way in case he was following me. Thankfully he wasn’t.


  1. the guy in the photo is actually a roide! what take away was the scary man coming out of? troy's kebabs.........?

  2. speaking of roides, annmarie your bicycle exercise is the perfect opportunity to pick up the plethora of hotties that ride bikes...may I follow suit and do an East Van version??!

  3. no he came out of another one, that i had never seen before, a chinese or chip shop i'd say... he was proper 'ard. yeah, yer man is a ride, i didnt notice til now. scarface go ahead!though i must warn you, i have some gems on me old canon!

  4. give up on the belt shop already. its never going to happen....

  5. The guy in the pic looks hot.