Sunday, August 15, 2010

Trials of a gardener

This week I'm full of complaints and bewilderment about plants. Sharon and I have four in our house (including a coral busy lizzie, my fave) and honestly, even though we give them SO MUCH love and attention they always seem to die.

We have tried over watering them and underwatering them and just watering them, but they always look like they're on their last legs. When my mum was visiting last weekend she gave me a gem of advice.. put the plant on a saucer of water and let the plant take water as it needs it. I've been doing this since yesterday and I can already see some improvement. Today my friend Kate suggested we put some sugar in the water, which I'm going to do tonight. Any other suggestions?

I've put the pic below so I can do a before and after style showcase. I've been thinking it can act as a sort of before and after weight loss pic, like obviously the person is totally depressed when they get the fat pic taken, but they get it taken all the same to show just how skinny they get. In the same way, I'm not too happy about exposing my limp flowers (particularly the unfortunate rosemary) but hopefully I'll be showing off some allotment-style flowers before the week is out..

Take note of the mysteriously BLOOMING orchid in the background!

In other news.. I went INTO the belt shop last week. The front door was mysteriously open as I was walking to my bus stop so we took a peek inside. We were being properly shady and since (as I suspected) there were no other customers in the shop, we attracted attention
a. because we were horsing around
b. because I made Sharon take a pic of me as evidence
c. because we expressed way to much interest in a really bland gold belt.

Sharon managed to persuade me to buy this belt. It cost 3 pounds and was gold. I've already worn it twice and it was just a week ago.

So anyway, on the way out Sharon, asked the shopkeeper what were the opening hours. He said:

"Monday to Friday, nine to five"

and she said:

"Well today is Saturday"

Shopkeeper: "oh yes, some Saturdays too"


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