Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A brush with a Boris bike

Lst week the ‘Boris Bikes’ were introduced to London, similar to the bike scheme that was introduced in Dublin last summer. I’m probably going to sign up for this, but I’m waiting to see how empty/full the docks are around my area and to see exactly where they are located before I do. So basically this is a review by someone who has yet to cycle the bikes but likes the idea of them. Feel free to stop reading now. Over the weekend we hopped onto the bikes, when I say that I mean we hopped on the stationary bikes and I took the pics below. They were taken at the dock outside Shoreditch church in case you’re interested. So far there seems to be plenty of bikes at each of the stations and I have seen a good few people out on them. People riding these bikes have that look that I remember people sporting when the bike scheme was introduced in Dublin, it’s a face of perpetual delight. Incredulous perpetual delight. Jane is giving it a fair stab below and I didn't even request it. The bikes weigh 23kg. I don’t know much about weight of bikes but I reckon that is pretty heavy.

I also came across Frying Pan Street the other day. I have no angle with this, I just thought it was funny. It’s near a market where they sell (potentially) stolen Topshop gear and I have been there so often that the vendor recognised me. Although it was probably because I was wearing the playsuit that I bought from him at the stall about a month ago!

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  1. you found a (vague) angle. Well done. Playsuits are very conspicuous. Sure they're reaching landmark status in some parts!