Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 16th

If you have five spare minutes in your life you should watch this, it's the song that is being pushed to make Christmas number one in Ireland instead of the woefully bad boy-next-door-who-actually-voted-for-him, Matt Cardle.

I spent a few days in Boston earlier this week, and fell in love with a bus driver who took me from my hotel to the city centre. As you'll see he was wearing a Santa hat and didn't look a million miles away from the man himself. He offered each person a candy cane on their way onto the bus, you can see his little basket on the right hand corner of the pic. He was the type of character you'd see in Home Alone!

Shortly after I got off of the bus I stopped a man on the street and asked him where Newbury Street was. This is how the conversation went:

Me: Hi there, can you tell me how to get to Newbury Street
Stranger: Newbury Street, great idea, welll....

Now this is all you need to know, GREAT IDEA, I know what he meant, we all know what he meant, but what a funny thing to say! Like, 'great idea, I hadn't thought of that', or 'great idea, I'll come along so', or 'great idea, you'd love that' (we just met). This thought crossed my mind while he was giving me directions and I couldn't help laughing in his face. He was one of these American 'swell guys' and quickly thought I was a bit mental and rushed off.

Finally I conquered airport security (well sort of) by buying wooden knitting needles which I proudly brought on the plane with me. Unfortunately having been borderline obsessed with getting them for the plane I promptly left them down to watch a movie the moment I sat in my seat.


  1. "great idea" - i love it - i'm totally using that next time someone asks me for directions. you know how i particularly love to give directions...

  2. hello. Where's the link? I mean, I've seen the video, and we all know Jerome has....but maybe others would like it too- link?

  3. Yes Jane, I do know you LOVE giving directions, it would be a great experiment if you did just that. Please feed back, we're DYING to know.

    Kate, the word 'this' is hyperlinked,though for your added pleasure I've taken it upon myself to locate it for you, enjoy: